Youmin Industrial Co., Ltd. the company specialize in Heat Transfer Vinyl Coating Machine, Resin Mixture and Hot-melt laminating Technology. 

Company had as following ;

– Heat transfer vinyl expertise

– 13 years professional experience

– Cutting-edge technology

– Reliable customer support

– High-quality heat transfer vinyl

– T-VINYL global brand

– Designed by Youmin Industrial Corp

– Product origin from South Korea.

youmin corp htv motto
about us, printable iron vinyl

Company Motto for production of HTV vinyl

T-vinyl Slogan

– Aim for perfection

– Strong commitment to original intention

– Adherence to basic practices

– Rigorous raw material selection

– Quality control of product, packaging and shipping

elastic foil heat transfer vinyl


Expert Product

– High-quality heat transfer vinyl

– Wide range of colors

– Top-notch materials

– Advanced production technology

– Guaranteed customer satisfaction with skilled team

– Personalized crafts.


Best service

– Timely delivery

– Efficient logistics

– Focus on customer satisfaction

– Consistent quality

– Predictable production lead time

– Reliable inventory management

– Customer feedback prioritized

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